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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Auntie Cat postmarked 3/10/09

RoseE writes:

"Dearest Cat,

This letter's going to be in bits and pieces, because the time to write a proper, long letter simply does not exist. So sorry in advance.

Anyway, first off, thank you so much for writing to me so faithfully! Letters make such a huge difference (and e-mails; I'm counting e-mail as a type of letter.) I love hearing from you every week.

I'm having problems with Speaking French, too. My new native dialect is Purancongolishais, which is a bit of a problem. Unfortunately, I've got lots of enablers, because at least five other Korean-speaking folks learned French first. So when I say things like "Hwajangshil ay go must? choh ay aussi," people understand me and I have no motivation to stop!

The Koreans that I have met so far I have loved. Our Korean sisters were so sweet and friendly and funny. And they were all in love with Elder Gygi. I don't know why. Asian women are just crazy about him. He got his picture taken as though he were Matt Daemon. I bet anything that when the new Koreans come next Tuesday it will be the same story. We'll see.

I think not advertising one's church at the movies is a good idea. There's a church in Salt Lake that advertises that way--The Rock Church or something like that. I never really thought that the Atonement of Christ and electric guitars were a good mix, but I'm old-fashioned. (But this week I heard an elder sing a version of "I Need Thee Every Hour" that he'd written to be played with acoustic guitar. It was very soothing, in a "Hey-there-Delilah" kind of way, and I liked it.) It's cool to think, though, that we missionaries are going out two by two, just like Paul and Silas, or Aaron and Moses, or Alma and Amulek. It is about relationships--just going out, and meeting people, and loving them, and offering our testimonies and understanding of Jesus Christ. All about relationships. All about love. All about supporting each other as imperfect people trying to be better.

Speaking of which, it may not seem like it, but this letter has taken me the better part of a week to write. The new Koreans, who were coming next Tuesday, are now coming tomorrow. The beautiful weather is gray sludge again. I hope it's nicer out there, if not now, at least by the time Mom gets out there! I gave your address to my North-Carolina-bound roommates and told them to say hi and show pictures if they're in your area. If they do, tell Sister Graves I found her missing earring!

I love you!


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