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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17 March 2009 P-Day email

RoseE writes:

"Okay, so I made a handy list of everything I wanted to write and then left it in my room, like the ditz that I am. So here's what I remember of it.

On Thursday, during our Referral Center time, I got on a chat with a man named Nathan, from Pennsylvania. Amazing. He had so many questions about life, the universe, and everything . . . we made it through like a lesson and a half in an hour and a half of chat. And he just went tearing through the Book of Mormon, reading all over the place. We did another chat on Friday -- he was right on time, and had read what I'd asked him to read, and had more questions -- I was SO excited. Over the moon. Cloud nine.

Then something happened and our Monday appointment didn't pan out. I nearly cried. I hope it was just a one-of-those-things kind of thing and that he'll be back on Thursday (I'm e-mailing him reminders this week, just in case). It felt so good to have a real investigator, even for a few days.

In more cheerful news, on Saturday I was quietly eating my lunch in the cafeteria when a German elder, maneuvering past, tipped a full glass of apple juice onto my head and down my back. It was the most hilarious thing that had happened to me since I got here, 'cuz this sort of thing just doesn't happen at the MTC . . . but it totally did! So here I am, laughing my head off and stripping off my juice-soaked blazer top (machine washable--go, me!) (and I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath it instead of a cami--go, me!) while the poor elder and every other elder in earshot apologized profusely and did their best to mop the juice off the chair, the table, the floor, and my person (without touching me, which is hard to manage). I was in a great mood for the whole rest of the day. Until my chat appointment fell through, but that's another story, see above.

I Found Boots. Some silly person left these awesome boots in the 'giveaway' box, presumeably because the seam running up the top of the foot was splitting a bit. But the outer layer is only fabric, so I snatched them up (fit perfectly, btw) and whipped the seam closed, and now they are 100% free awesome boots. Yaaaay!

I also found a bottle of leave-in conditioner in the box . . . Spanish leave-in conditioner. But hey, I'll take it. And I did.

Oh, before I forget, if you haven't sent that last package yet, are there tag magnets to be had for love or money in Salt Lake City? You know, like the one I bought at Dressed in White the day I got here? If you've already sent the thing, don't worry about it, but they sure would be nice to have. At least one--two would be even better.

Happy birthday, Margie! I love you!

It's been two weeks, and I'm still coughing, so Sister Copeland booted my butt into the health clinic to get me some prescription cough syrup (mmmm . . . codine) so I stop sounding like a St. Bernard.

We get to go to the Draper Temple dedication on Sunday! How cool is that? I'm really excited, and bought everyone handkerchiefs for the occasion.

I still don't have my flight plans, though we expect to see them any day. We're getting lots of talks about "exit interviews" and "departure meetings" and all that jazz. Less than two weeks to go, and we'll actually be over our heads in Korea!

Bye the bye, how's that N. Korea sattelite thing coming?

Oh, and DID HEATH LEDGER WIN BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR? Nobody knows or will tell me. I cannot go to Korea without this information.

Dad: I am not allowed to arrange meetings with friends or family while I am on my mission, so whatever you choose to do, on your own head be it.

Our Korean roommates are so much fun. Sister Jeung in particular. She's really outgoing and funny, and knows all the words to "Eidelweiss." Really. She loves correcting my spelling on my vocab flashcards, and is a fan of Backstreet Boys. Go figure.

This week, I ate a bug. Really. Apparently silkworm larvae are like popcorn over there in Korea, and one of our elders received a can from his parents. So I ate one. It tasted like an olive, only crunchier, and more traumatic, and with more screaming, and with more need for two swiftly-chugged glasses of milk afterward. Sister Lee thought my antics were very funny. She, however, refused to try root beer, so I win. So ha.

And . . . I dunno, is there anything else I need to say/tell people/ask? I can't remember any more. This is why I write lists, and promptly forget them in my rez hall.

Oh, I got my hair trimmed today. That was nice.

Seriously, try the omlets at the Provo Temple.

Oh, and today after eating omlets we met with a member of the temple presidency and had a very nice and very helpful question-and-answer session. Apparently you're allowed to do this at any temple if you have questions. I never knew that. Sister Copeland did, though. Clever stuff.

Oh, taxes. Are taxes being handled? Do taxes require my involvement/signature/presence in the United States? I'd file them, but what with me being on a mission and all . . .

I think that's everything for today. Love, and missing, and excited to go to Korea, and everything.



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