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Monday, March 30, 2009

Phone Call From the Airport

RoseE actually did call, and Teancum and I got to talk to her.

She is very excited to be going to Korea (via Los Angeles and Seoul then Busan).

Todd "happened" to meet her at the airport as he was flying out to Long Beach, CA. I hope he gives her a hug.

Cat's message to her was: be good, be safe, and don't die. I passed that along, and added Cat's work phone number in case she has a chance to call her sister directly.

I did not cry, but only just.


  1. She did indeed call me. And made me talk to Elder Gygi, who I'm pretty sure had no idea who I was but played along anyway. I cried and she laughed at me and said something in Korean. And then I went back to work and a patient asked why I was crying so I told her the story and we both started crying again. YAY for crying!


  2. What suspense! I can't wait for more letters! Has anyone already sent her one to the new address?

  3. I sent one to her the day after she left. I doubt it's arrived yet.