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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Excerpts From President Jennings to Grama Hadden 5/6/09

RoseE's grandmother, JoAnn, knows President Jennings' son Ken, and wrote to President Jennings about the connection.

President Jennings wrote back:

"Sister Hadden:

I received your letter that you sent through "Dear Elder" today and my wife and I were delighted that you are following Sister Hadden's progress here in Busan Korea. I called her tonight and told here that we received a letter from you and her response was "Oh, no!" We laughed a lot.

Sister Hadden is doing very well. As you indicated, her ability to learn a new language is quite amazing. Korean is much more difficult for native English speakers than are the Indo-Eurpoean languages, but she is well ahead of the curve for new missionaries. Interestingly, in a foreign culture where interactions are based on different verbal and non-verbal signals than we are used to in the West, I don't believe that a person with Asperger Syndrome* will have much of a problem. It's all new to everyone here. In any case, I have not seen any evidence of difficulty between companions or with local member relations. . .

. . . Our family was raised in Korea and Singapore where I worked for over 15 years as an attorney specializing in international joint ventures and technology licenses. . .

We love Sister Hadden and she is already making a remarkable contribution to our mission. I wouldn't worry about her ability to fit in and do her part without any difficulty. After all, the Lord qualifies whom he calls, and she was called to THIS mission by a Prophet of the Lord. What more can we ask?

President & Sister Jennings
Korea Busan Mission"

*Asperger's syndrome: (also called Asperger's disorder, Asperger's or AS) is a high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and people with AS therefore show significant difficulties in social interaction and restricted, stereotyped patterns of behavior and interests. AS runs in our family, although RoseE has never been diagnosed with it.

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  1. hi its lane again i think i did comment wrong last time. hehe just wanted to say again thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. my wife went to some temple there in korea and ask about me and her he said we are the most perfect couple he has seen but we have an evil spirit in the relationship and she will have to stay at the temple like a year pray 100 times eveyday and all kind bs. she ask me what to do i said come home im not korean i dont qualify. hehe but we had just found out i had hepatitus which is odd cause her dad whom i look scarily like we are so similar looking. she ask what would happen if ahe come home pray everyday take care me he said i would die inside year but if she do his way i have chance live long time. im so angry she believe all these things so easily. but i thought for once i do whats right and i said do what you feel you need to do.its ben 3 years soon and the only girls im attracted to now are korean. kinda hard find here. and when she and i meet i was rich, when she leave she take nothing at all. but i spend everything because want go work just sit and wait. i havent heard from her in 3 months now. she called moms here in florida cause my phone cut off she was crying so much couldnt talk is he alive please tell me hes ok. mom said yes but he need you then she said maybe oneday mom only god know. then she talk me one hour cry qabout how she think i died please send her long email everyday. i told her it hurt too much but ill try.l miss having my korean family it was so big and loving. her mom use to tell her if we break up she going to take me as hers hehe u know now i wish i can call her i lost num. her name is yulsil kim (son) thanks guys for all u do.lane god bless you