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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Letter to Todd received 6/21/09

RoseE writes:

"Dear Dad,

Despite your dire predictions, Busan continues to be boring from a military standpoint. We hear that a couple of American reporters are having a more exciting time than we are, though--they're in our prayers over here.

I like your Appalacian Trail theory of testimony. It reminded me of something President Jennings said in my interview with him this transfer. He referred me to "The Search for the Neutrino" which, of course, I can't read right now. How do you find a particle that has no mass and no charge? How do you quantify faith? How do you know you have enough of something you can't measure? Well, having never read "The Search for the Neutrino" and not being a physicist, I haven't a clue about that, but faith you see by not looking for it. Am I on a mission? Am I testifying of Jesus Christ and the Restoration? Do I love the scriptures? Am I doing things I didn't think I could? That I have faith. "How much" is immaterial. Whether or not I see visions, dream dreams, or speak prophecy is irrelevant. I have enough faith to do what I have done, and when I am called upon to do more, I will do that.

Most of the time, you're between white blazes and can't see them either before or behind you. That's okay. You're still walking, and you know you're going in the right direction, so you're fine.

I have been a little down, but not drastically so. Slow missionary work is frustrating and disappointing, that's all. But it's just something I've got to wade through. I'm physically healthy and well-rested, my Korean is sloooooowly improving, I'm making a lot of progress on personal goals. Other than the lack of missionary work, my mission is going fine.

Sister Montgomery told me that every transfer is different--dramatically different, even if you don't change areas or companions. Last transfer day I was terrified to the point of tears. Transfers are coming up again this week, but I'm not scared. I'm ready for another roll of the dice. I'm ready for a dramatically different experience, though I've learned a lot from this one.

I'm out of room and need to go play with my new toy . . . I bought an electronic dictionary off Elder Kent. It is shiny.

I love you.


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