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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RoseE Reports for Duty

Cat and Sister Hadden
Provo, Utah MTC

At 1100 hours 1/14/09, RoseE reported for duty at the Provo, UT MTC.  She only brought one bag, packed with all the things she would need for the next 18 months.  We all went into the building and RoseE was issued her ID badge with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints printed on it in Korean, under SISTER HADDEN in English.  

We entered a huge hall packed with other missionaries and their families.  We were short film telling us what life at the MTC would be like.  The mission president's wife gave a little talk welcoming us all, followed by the mission president himself.  They both said they would love and take good care of our missionaries.  

One of our instructions were to write weekly, but not to tell the missionary in the first letter that her room, automobile, and iPod had been given away.  He recommended we use the band-aid method of parting:  pull it off quick and it won't hurt so long.  

Then the missionaries were asked to go out the door to the right, and the families were asked to leave through the left-hand door.  We all hugged her, and we all cried.  I make no exceptions to this.  Tissue boxes were strategically stationed throughout the hall, and were very popular.  It was extremely painful, but we turned our backs on each other and walked away through our separate doors.  We walked out of the building down a hallway studded with more tissue boxes and garbage cans.  

She is off on her big adventure!

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