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Saturday, January 17, 2009

14 January 2009

"Dearest, Darlingest Momsy & Popsicle,

Well here I am in the MTC! I'm one of a threesome, with Sister Linford, from Alpine, and Sister Copeland, from Georgia. Sister Linford is sweet and polite, a European Studies major midway through BYU. Sister Copland is brash, sassy and funny, is also 23 and has also graduated. She's half-Korean, too, which is helpful. Sister Linford and I have been picking her brain all afternoon.

We three are sharing a long, skinny room with a Japanese companionship who left welcoming post-its on our cupboard doors. Whe we arrived, our beds were all neatly madeand covered in welcome gifts of candy and Korean hymnals, courtesy of the other yet-to-be-met Korean sisters. It was a good beginning. We also ran into our floor mom, Mama Shirley (she said she gets sick of everyone calling everyone else "Sister" all the time), who seems nice as well.

We got MONSTROUS stacks of books--scriptures and dictionaries and PMG [Preach My Gospel] all in Korean, and planners and class materials and who-knows-what-all. I had to find my room carrying all this stuff, and I ended up lost in the next building over, full of Spanish classrooms, before a nice teacher pointed my bewildered self in the right direction. Then I found Sister Linford, also overburdened and bewildered, and we were lost together.

Right now we're waiting for it to be closer to dinnertime, so we can go find the bookstore (maybe; it's so disorienting in this complex) and buy Sister Copeland a book bag before we eat. My companions are taking naps in the meanwhile, but I am still too jazzed to sleep. I'm gonna read my handbook and learn some more about the crazy life I will be leading for the next two and a half months.

[Here, RoseE adds something written in Korean characters with an exclamation point.]


Here is a virtual tour of the MTC, to get an idea of her surroundings.

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