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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It appears that every missionary gets 30 minutes of computer time per week. RoseE got hers just a few minutes ago, and here is what she wrote (you can tell it's RoseE writing because it's in quotation marks):

"Dear Mum,

I have finally reached my half-hour of weekly allotted e-mail time. This is my e-mail. Not catchy, I know, but it gets the job done.

I wrote you a big huge letter today so I won't retread old ground here. You'll see it in a couple of days, I guess.
. . .

Got Bug's[Teancum's] letter today. Tell him that if only one person has died so far in "And Then There Were None," he's just getting started.

My first day at the MTC was good (the third day was lousy, but the first was good). I think I've caught some stupid thing, 'cuz my head hurts.

I'd type you something in Korean but the computer does not appear to be set up to do that.

Love you!


That's all she wrote.

Care package (with Vitamin C) going out today.


  1. Hi RoseE
    I am not sure about htis blog thing, but I will try to send you a note now and then. Your Mom has been sending me your postings. I like your idea of life as an adventure. It does make a big difference in how you experience things. You will be in my prayers, that you have a good experience. Love,

  2. Your Mom is trying to help me get into this blog bit. I sent her a note to forward so I don't want to repeat that. Basically--take care of yourself, and beat down that cold! It is so hard to study when you don't feel well.
    Lvoe, Gramma Rosie