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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd P-Day: Email to Todd

We got up early this morning to do a session. We were late, so we did the NEXT session, and I had such a goshawful coughing fit in the middle of it that I almost had to leave. Some sweet sister gave me a cough drop, though, and I was only a mild annoyance after that.

But Sister Linford made me go to the health clinic anyway. Someday we will have a P-day that does not involve an hour in that clinic doing puzzles. (I'm fine. Just a cold. Don't have strep. Am hopping myself up on Ibuprofen to keep the swelling down in my throat so I can sing in choir tonight.)

Yes, we finally made it to choir. It's phenomenal. I love it. Do the MTC devotionals get broadcast anywhere? It's not like I can check my local listings anymore . . .

I will not buy the carryon. I will happily squander my allotted money on Reese's.

Did you write me another letter? Really? I'm so excited! (No, really. I think getting that first letter from you was the best moment of my mission so far.)

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  1. I love reading your notes. Forget the carry-on. Buy the Reeses. I'm with you. Glad choir was so much fun. You are settling in amazingly fast, but then you are a quick learner.

    We love you and cherish you and pray for you. Love you sweetie! Callie sends her fluffy hugs.