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Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Auntie Cat 21 Jan 2010

RoseE writes:

"Dear Auntie Cat,

You wrote your Christmas letter in verse. Did somebody dare you? how the heck did you pull that off? I'm deeply impressed. Seriously, though, thank you--it was wonderful to get news of your family and know that they're all well and safe and happy.

Life continues well in here in Korea--I can't say "in Taegu" anymore, as I'm riding the train to Pusan with all my worldly possessions either in a suitcase or already shipped to my new area. The next stretch of my mission--possibly the last--is upon me. Weird.

But in cheerier news, last I heard you and Mum were going to a workshop* together. Finally! You've been planning and scheming a get-together for how long now? A long time. By the time you get this (or even already; I'm fuzzy on the dates) it will all be over and done, but I hope you both had a great time and that you learned a lot of bagpiping/drumming stuff and that all complications/catastrophes/other nonsense were safely averted.

We're coming up on Gupo station; gotta fly. I love you!


*We went to Winter Storm in Kansas City, MO, in January.

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