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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

28 Dec 2009 In Which We Get a Glimpse of a Train's Eye View of the Mission and of Life

RoseE writes:

"Dear Dad,

Writing this from the Mugunghwa--the slow stops-at-every-little-station train, which I like better than the KTX* because it's cheaper, it's more comfortable, and it gives me more time to write/nap/gossip/whatever. I love riding the train. I love what a hassle-free form of transportation it is, and I love the nice rumbly rhythm of the cars along the track, and I love watching the mountains go by outside the window. America's very dumb not to have a proper train system. A high-speed train from LA to Vegas would be brilliant. Or would the airlines throw a fit? I don't know. Beats me what goes on in America anymore.

I hit my one-year in two weeks. Halfway point for all the elders of my dongi, beginning of the end for me, Sis. Linford, and (six weeks after) Sister Ogelvie. A year. A whole year of my life behind the black tag. You wonder if you should feel accomplished, or overwhelmed, or frustrated or something. I don't, really. Coming off of my Christmas call, I feel as though home isn't terribly far away and that it'll be nice to get there. I don't think I'm realizing either just how long or how short six months is. It's just tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Three-day cold snap, four day warm spell. Ten more vocab words every day. Another page in the journal. Teaching Hyeon Ji the new member lessons. Getting Jin Mok Hwan ready to go to the temple. Getting Hyo Ui into the habit of reading her scriptures. Coaxing Ju Hyea to church. Tracking down Abdul. Another day, another week, another transfer. That's life. Just like the train. No blazing-fast KTX . . . just the steady, stop-and-go local line on which you have plenty of time to work until they announce "West Daegu Station" and you have to scramble off without time even to be miffed that the ride's already over.

I'm okay with not being panicked. I think I'm like you that way. Mom likes to freak out about stuff**, but I don't like to think about drama and goodbyes until they actually hit. Hence my trying to be allowed to work a few morning hours before going to the MTC. It's good to be working so you don't think too much. Thinking too much just stresses you out and causes problems. So . . . one day at a time. Investigators. New members. Prez interviews. Splits***. Ten more vocab words. One more train station.

Speaking of which, I'm gonna grab a nap before we make it to Dongdaegu, so next P-Day I'll tell you how the museums are. They've been a long time coming.

Love you,


*KTX high speed train, few stops

** Very true, I do.

***Splits: the missionary companionships split up for a day, so that RoseE might teach with Sis. Oglevie and Sis. Pak might teach with Sis. Matthews. Likewise, Sis. Oglevie's and Sis. Matthews' companions would go teach with other sisters. There must be an order to it, but I haven't figured out what it is.

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