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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Snail Mail to Grama & Grampa Hadden dated 4/20/09

RoseE writes:

"20 Apr 2009
Dear G & G,

It is the best of times and worst of times out here in Korea. Worst of times because I am surrounded by Elders who are all in comfortable, casual P-Day clothes which they are only supposed to wear if they are doing physical, outdoorsy activities (it's raining outside). And we sisters are faithfully wearing our skirts and stockings. I have not worn pants since the 24th of March. This, however, is my pride talking. I will get blessings for wearing stockings.

And other than my pride issues, Korea is great, Elder Gygi is off in Taejun Mission, so I will never see him again. Of my whole dong: (this is Korean for "same age group" - it's the people you came to Korea with) only two are in my zone. Two more, Elder Green and Elder Kang, were one dong ahead of me, so we were in the MTC together for a while. I miss my district-mates a lot, but I think I will see them next week. It's zone conference or mission conference or some kind of conference. Who knows? I begin to think that Korean is easier to understand than missionary jargon.

Living conditions? Well, our apartment is rather dingy, but it is safe and sanitary for the most part. We have a roach problem, but it is a small problem and they are small roaches. There are traps everywhere and we are keeping the food sealed. We have a very nice washing machine but no dryer - no one in Korea has a dryer. People set up folding racks to dry their clothes on. Shopkeepers often just set these racks of wet rags on the sidewalk. We have an oven, because baked goods are a trademark of American sister missionaries, and a refrigerator FULL of leftover food from member meals. We also have a long, skinny porch/balcony thing mostly full of suitcases, broken furniture, and trash. I am starting a clean-out-the-
gosh-darn-balcony campaign. And I'm out of space. I love you! Thank you for your letters.


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