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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pictures! 5/11/09

RoseE writes:

"Dearest Mum and Dad,

This e-mail is not cooperating, so I am sending you pictures via my gmail account, which I am NOT supposed to do. I'm going straight to Hell for it. But they're good pictures, and myldsmail is just being a pain.

Anyway, the pictures should be as follows:

One is of a folding bike that the elders helped to put together, and I thought of Dad, so I took a picture.

Then there's one of a church in our neighborhood in Sujeong, a prime example of Korean and English just not working very well together.

And some pictures from our day at MeWorld, renamed GhettoWorld, because it is a po-dunk little theme park placed amongst empty lots by the side of the beach, overpriced and undermaintained. But we had fun there anyway. So there's a shot of Sisters Montgomery and Hill on the spinning-everywhere ride (it was a miracle I didn't drop my camera taking this),

one of the Pusan skyline from the top of the drops-you-really-fast ride (I had all the time in the world to take it; the ride stayed up there for a full minute before dropping us),

and one of all four of us roommates on the log flume.

I also took a picture of the warning sign posted at the entrance to every ride; in my opinion, it sums up the mission rules quite admirably. ("Did you pregnant on the ride? You did, didn't you? I can't believe you!")

And there's a photo of Sister Pak Song Hee's birthday party in our half-packed up apartment last night.

The other photo is Small Objects that Now Define My Life. Included is my sunscreen (a gift from a member; this little thing probably cost upwards of ten dollars), my stack of cards of things I need to memorize (and I memorized them, too. So Ha!), my little notebook of bizarre Korean-ness where I keep lists of Stuff, my nifty wooden stamp, my missionary planner, my subway pass, and some sparkly butterfly earrings that were gifts from a wonderful member whose favorite color is black--hence the box.

And I have to go; my e-mail time is cut short today. But I love you!

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