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Monday, May 25, 2009

Letter to Teancum, 5/25/09

RoseE writes:

"Dear Teancum,

Hi, Bug! I sure miss you! Did you have a good time with Dad and Cuin and all them down in St. George? How is fencing going? Is it getting any easier? How is school?

Mom told me that the CTR ring that I gave you broke, and that you were sad about it.* I'm so sorry! But do you want to know a secret? Mine broke, too. In the MTC. It never even made it to Korea. I want to send you a new one, but I can't, because the nearest Distribution Center is in Seoul, at the other end of the country!

Here's what I think you should do. You should have Mom help you pick out a newer, nicer CTR ring in Korean. Mom has my bank information, so I can buy it and it will still be a present from me. Then take a picture of you wearing the new ring, and send it to me so I can see you.

I know how sad it is to lose something you love. Here in Korea, I cannot even wear my English CTR ring. Sisters can only wear one ring, and I decided to wear my claddagh** and leave my CTR at home. It was a really hard choice. Both rings were presents from Mom and Dad, and they're both really special to me. But I will wear both rings again when I come home. That's not very far away! I am already almost 1/3 done!

I got a box at the post office. I am going to fill it up with Korean stuff--books and candy and snacks and things--and send it home so everybody can see some of the weird, cool, cool weirdness I get to live with here in Korea.

I love you so much, But, and I am so glad you are thinking about me. I am glad I get to be your big sister.

Love always,


*Teancum had sworn to wear his adjustable Korean CTR (Choose The Right) ring throughout RoseE's mission, but it fell apart about a month ago, and he was devastated. He didn't want ME to get him a new one, because then it wouldn't be from RoseE. This was her solution to the problem.

** claddagh: Irish family ring showing two hands holding a heart with a crown on it.

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