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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Becoming Acclimatized

Yesterday, 12/23/08, was our yearly trip to This Is The Place to see their Candlelight Christmas presentation. But first, we went out to dinner at a little place called Korea House on State Street.

We had heard such stories about Kim-Chi and how hot the food was, so we ordered some, and also a variety of other things and dug in.
Here's RoseE
trying Kim-Chi for the first

Verdict: Good!

She wow'd us all by
saying 'thank you' and some other things in Korean to the waitress, who responded in kind.

After a lovely dinner, wherein everybody ate some of everything (except Teancum who did not eat his spinach), we trooped up to This Is The Place (or, as it is sometimes referred to in our family, "This is the 'This Is The Place' place.")

This is a reincarnation of the
kind of houses the Mormon pioneers lived in in 1847-49 when things were just getting set up in the valley. There are one-room log cabins, brick houses built with hand-made bricks, general stores, wooden churches, barns, etc, with re-enactors dressed in period clothing explaing how life was back then. They have period crafts you can do: sachets of cinnamon and cloves, dough ornaments of cinnamon dough, candle-making . . . stuff like that.

Usually we go up there when it is snowing Hollywood buckets, or the temperature is cold enough to crack your enamel, and we are alone with the re-enacters. This year it was a balmy 26F with snow gently falling through the night. Plus it was the last night they were having Candlelight Christmas, and if dogs were allowed, everybody would have arrived with theirs. Even without the dogs, the place was packed.
Discussions with the re-enactors was impossible over the din; sometimes we couldn't even fit into the tiny log cabins. We wandered from packed cabin to packed cabin, danced a line dance,

had hot cider, greeted Brigham Young, tried on silly hats (Cat and Jason)
and finally gave up and went home in the falling snow.

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