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Friday, December 12, 2008

Attitude Adjustment

from RoseE's journal:

"It's amazing what having five weeks will do to you.

I have suddenly discovered the energy to attack my life instead of just dragging myself through it for lack of anything better to do. My bed is made, my room is clean--I've even managed to do my hair, actually do it, with a hairbrush and accessories, in the morning. And when I'm not plowing through the Book of Mormon or playing phone-tag with the bishop or the International Travel clinic, I'm flicking through my "Let's Learn Korean In A Big Hurry" flash cards, muttering to myself. I want to get things done, to be ready, to get going.

A customer that I helped at Distribution e-mailed my boss to praise how cheerful I was, and energetic and efficient and pleasant. Upon hearing this, my response was, "She called on Monday, didn't she?"

I keep going to bed early, the sooner to be in another day in which I'm that much closer to going to Korea, and the better to be functioning for phone-tag and flash cards.

My call letter promised me that serving a mission would bring me joy beyond anything I'd known before. I think that the second I read the word 'Korea' may, in fact, qualify as the happiest single instant in the whole of my life to date, and I've been generally more thrilled about everything in the past week than I could have pictured myself being. I know the Lord's promises are sure, I just didn't think they'd kick in before I'd actually left.

I'll go eat breakfast now, in case you're having a crummy morning and I'm grating on your nerves."

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