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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mission Call

from RoseE's blog:

"I got the envelope on Wednesday.

For three days it sat there, watching me, my destiny discreetly concealed inside it. And though I knew I should be humbly prepared for whatever it contained, I had endless nightmares of being called to Salt Lake, Chicago, Indianapolis . . . nearby places, familiar places, places where I wouldn't learn another language or immerse myself in another world. I wore myself out with worrying, and got more and more irritable as the endless days ticked by.

Then I went to church, the closed envelope tucked into my bag. I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to think about it. I was too afraid, and too tired of being afraid, and too annoyed with myself for being tired and afraid.

Finally, we got to Relief Society. Everybody was there. All my siblings, and my bishop, and all the Relief Society and all the Young Women--even Connie Houskeeper, who never comes to RS. And I stood up and ripped open the envelope.

"It looks like I'm serving in . . ."

Stay calm, stay calm, whatever happens . . . wherever you go, it will be okay . . .

Provo MTC . . . well, I know where THAT is . . .



A shriek from Meredith Foster. Hysterical laughter from me. Gasps and laughs from all over the room.

"Korea Busan Mission," I read out, still gasping. "I have no idea where that is!"


"Korea!" I whipped open the packet and found the map. "It's in South Korea," I announced, "so at least it's not Communist." My hands were shaking now. "

I'm going to Korea," I repeated again. "Oh, my gosh, Korea!"I'm going to Korea. Oh, my gosh, Korea.

Time to sit down and start learning Korean."

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