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Friday, June 11, 2010

I'll give you news on Missionary work and stuff on Monday, when I have some proper e-mail time. Our P-Day's trunkated this week. *sulks* *but not as much as Elder Bocchino sulked . . . he really sulked a lot* Suffice to say: still alive, still hangin' on, still no North Korean invasions, been coerced into conducting a choir, got a day off (Sis. Culver wiped out with a cold bug; didn't stir out of doors all day), got a month left, gonna make it or it's gonna kill me, one of the two. Not too many other options, right?

Love ya!


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  1. I think I might have liked a Thursday P-day better. I have low blood sugar and other food-related problems, which made Sundays really hard, and then I would write these depressing letters home on Monday.