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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Rest of the Videos

To feed your addiction to RoseE's . . . communication . . ., here are the links to the other three videos she sent:

Tour of the Ulsan Apartment


  1. Just wanted to say 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

  2. I found out about the other Sister Crowther in Daejeon. They're not twins, but they are sisters! That is so cool.

  3. Saturday we went to a 설날 activity at the Korean branch near here, with some friends. I met a sister missionary from 광주, which my greenie area (different ward, though). I was telling her about how I have trouble striking up conversations with random Koreans in public, and I used the word 쑥스러워요. Then after I got home I was thinking, "Does that really mean what I think it means?" I tried looking it up but at first I couldn't find it in my dictionary (I was spelling it with one ㅅ). The online translator refuses to render it in any form. So, I think I was using it correctly. The weird thing is that Google brings up 83,900 hits for 숙스럽다 and only 24,900 for 쑥스럽다. I guess everyone just spells it wrong?