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Friday, February 26, 2010

In Which a Homecoming Date is Announced and a Message to the Bishop is Generated

RoseE writes:

"My plane flies Saturday the tenth* at** three in the afternoon. Tell bishop if he wants me to speak on the 11th I cannot promise anything, even that I will stay awake through the whole talk and not pass out on the stand.


*of July. 2010.

**I don't know if this is leaving at 3:00 or arriving at 3:00. Stay tuned for further information.


  1. I don't suppose there will be any way to record her homecoming talk? I wish I could be there for it, but sadly I can't. Maybe she can send me the text of it or something.

  2. When we flew from Seoul to L.A. we actually landed before we left. So she may very well be leaving at 3:00 and arriving at 3:00. Ish.