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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

to Bethe 17 Aug 2009

RoseE writes:

"Dear Bethe,

Welcome to the exciting world of Korean stationery. I don't know why this paper is an apple--it just is.

I have to tell you something I learned. The other day I saw a mug covered in pictures of different kinds of Japanese sushi, and it had the names of the sushi written in Korean, Japanese and English. And guess what the world for 'Eel' is in Japanese? Unagi! Like the sea monster on Kyoshi Island!* That's one japanese word I'll never forget.

There is a sushi buffet here in Taegu, like that place where we ate in San Francisco. We missionaries love it. One of the sushi chefs is friends with the elders and makes us special sushi, like bacon sushi or bulgogi sushi or duck sushi (like real duck meat, not the chewy rice stuff), and gives us free soda. We've eaten there every week so far.

It's also grape season here in Korea, so everyone is feeding us grapes. They have thick skins, so you suck the grape out of its skin and then spit out the grape seeds. They're really sour but a lot of fun to eat.

I love you! Thanks for writing!


*Kyoshi Island: this reference may give you the impression that both RoseE and Bethe have traveled in Aisa before, but that would be an incorrect impression. This is, in fact, another reference to an Avatar episode.

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