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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank You Note 8/10/09

RoseE writes:

"Dear Mum, Dad and All the Gang,

This is my official Thank You for the package I got just before I moved. As I hope you find enclosed, my compatriots and I had a good time disembowling it. Thanks so much for all the info on Emily's wedding! Is that what the cork is from? I was a little bewildered by the cork . . . And I was really excited for the picture CD, but I can't seem to get a computer here to read it. I'll keep trying and see what happens. Maybe a picture printing place can do it.

So the [Hershey's] kisses that the elders and I didn't eat I used to make chocolate-covered pretzels for Bro. Cho's baptism. Or I tried. I've discovered that candymaking is not among my skills as of yet. So they looked kind of a mess and had crunchy bits of crystallized sugar in the chocolate*, but the faithful members ate them anyway, bless their hearts.

Please tell Bethe she is on my list of people to write back and I have not forgotten her, but I ran out of time this week so it will have to wait until next. P.Day is not a lot of time.

Oh, by the bye, there's a movie called "Haeundae" in theatres over here--apparently it's a disaster movie set at Haeundae beach, which was right by my first apartment. So if you want to see what Pusan looks like, have Dad hunt it down. I doubt it's accessible in the States yet, but keep your eyes open. I don't think Taegu would be a very good setting for a disaster movie--there's relatively little of it to destroy.

OK, Korean Burger King has a new sandwich out called the "Angry Whopper". I'm not sure what makes it 'Angry' but I thought it was funny anyway.

And it's six o'clock. Sorry this isn't neater or more thorough--I'm on the bus, and you know what that's like. (It's like the Indiana Jones Ride, if you didn't know.)

I love you! Be safe!


* As Truly Scrumptious said, "The boiling point of your sugar is too high." (see Disney's "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang")

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