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Thursday, April 1, 2010

From President Jennings, 24 March 2010

President Jennings writes:

"Dear Brother and Sister Hadden,

Sister Hadden has reached the last several months of missionary service in the Korea Busan Mission. Of course we want these months to be the happiest, and most productive months of her missionary experience. She is skilled as a teacher and has learned the Korean language. We urge you to make your letters in these last months encouraging and motivating, avoiding frequent references to "when you get home".

At the same time we are aware that there are plans to be made for school, employment, and family events. For this reason I am writing to inform you of her anticipated mission field release date. Tentatively, that date is 06 July 2010. Church Travel will mail an itinerary giving specific arrival time and flight one to two months before her release date.

As you know the policy of the Church is to discourage parents from traveling to a son or daughter's mission area to pick them up. However, the decision is yours.* If you plan to travel to Korea to accompany your missionary please notify us as soon as possible. Generally, you should contact Margaret Sales at Church Travel before you make any travel arrangements. She will help you coordinate your travel plans with your missionary. . . .

If you notify us of your intention to come here we will send you guidelines for the visit and a listing of available hotels and travel options with an estimation of prices.

We are very grateful for the service that your daughter has given to the Lord and the people of Korea. Thank you for making the sacrifices necessary to support this service. As we send Sister Hadden home to you we will have the feeling of loss you felt when she left!

. . .May the Lord bless you as a family,

Kenneth W. Jennings, Jr.
Korea Busan Mission President"

*Blogmom note: We have decided not to go to Korea for various reasons.

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