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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Letter from the Mission President

2 March 2010

President Jennings writes:

"Dear Brother and Sister Hadden

It is my pleasure to inform you of Sister Hadden's outstanding service here in the Korea Busan Mission. It brings me great joy to work with such fine young missionaries as Sister Hadden. Through her work, she has contributed greatly to the success of this mission.

Sister Hadden has faithfully served in her previous assignment, and has now been called to serve as a New Trainer. In this calling, Sister Hadden still retains the opportunity and privilege to proselyte daily.

The challenge of being a New Trainer is great and demanding. In order for us to continually improve the success of this mission, we need the cooperation of all the missionaries, especially the leaders, to obtain that unified effort. I am sure your daughter will provide that leadership.

Sister Jennings and I want to express our gratitude to you for sharing your daughter with us and with the Lord*. Her faithful, obedient service reflects great credit upon you as parents. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with her in this great work of our Heavenly Father.


Kenneth W. Jennings, Jr.
Korea Busan Mission President"

*Blogmom: Since the Lord shared her with us to begin with, it only seems fair.
Besides, it was her decision.

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