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Monday, July 13, 2009

To Dad, 6 July '09

RoseE writes:

"Dear Dad,

We hear tell ( which is how we get news around here) that North Korea, in honor of the Glorious Fourth, has killed some fish with a short-range missile, and once again I do not get my free trip to Japan. Aww, dang it. Maybe Labor Day. We also hear tell (from Kid's News, one of our members' son's English study material) that Hong Kong has closed its elementary schools for fear of swine flu. Hong Kong is, however, a very long way from Korea, and Korea in general claims that it's low H1N1 rates are due to kimchi, of which I eat quite a lot, so we're set. And that's world news for this week.

I think I'm hitting the stretch of my mission where I'm getting fed up with the slow progress of my Korean. Really . . . I'm a smart person, therefore this aught to be easier for me than for everybody else. I'm entitled, darn it. But everybody else is Korean, and I'm just not catching up, and my self-centered brain is ticked off. I don't like being dumber than the people around me. So, yeah, working on that humility thing. But yesterday the 1st Counselor's wife and a couple other Yeonsan sisters asked how my Korean study was going, and I honestly said that it was frustrating to not be able to talk to any of them. And suddenly I had more support than I'd ever imagined. Oh, honey. Don't worry. We know you're trying so hard. You're doing such a good job. It's tough, huh? I laughed at the time, but last night I just cried my head off, overwhelmed by the sweet, sincere love of these good sisters for a girl they can't even talk to, who came over to serve them and hasn't done much so far besides eat their food and smile at them. I'm in this ward at least until September . . . it's good to have friends there. Maybe I'll have learned to talk by then.

Love you,


1 comment:

  1. I don't know if this comment will get to you but it should be said. RoseE our family will pray for your Korean to improve. We know that you are an amazing missionary because you are an amazing person who has blessed our lives with you love as a friend. Give that love to the People of Korea and it will make up for any short comings you feel you have.

    As a Spanish speaking missionary in New York I had many companions who struggled with language but their testimonies were some of the most moving that were shared with investigators. Why? Because they carefully chose their words and the investigators had to listen carefully to understand and the Spirit was necessary for them to communicate. RoseE from what we have read you are doing a great work in Korea and will plant seeds in the hearts of many people.

    We send our Love

    Travis, Heather, and Hans Schenck
    Moab, UT