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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Note From President Jennings . . . with Pictures!

President Jennings is the president of the Busan South Korea Mission. His wife also has many responsibilities with the mission. They wrote:
"Brother and Sister Hadden

I am emailing to confirm the safe arrival of Sister Hadden in the Korea Busan Mission. We picked everyone up late Tuesday (no missing luggage!) and Wednesday was a full day of preparation and training. We began with a get-acquainted interview, opening bank accounts, preparing “green card” documentation, and other administrative chores to get everyone set up.

Then the new Elders and Sisters had a training exercise which combined cultural exploration and proselyting activities. Everyone did “soapboxing” on the subway and the group passed out about 100 copies of the Book of Mormon and collected over 35 new contacts! While all this was going on, I was deliberating over companionship and area assignments.

Upon returning to the Mission Home we had a testimony meeting (in Korean) and a magnificent dinner the likes of which they won’t see again for some time. Then I gave a presentation about Korea and my expectations for them and announced companionship assignments. The trainers were all carefully selected and we depended on observation and, of course, inspiration to align the very best teams

Sister Hadden will be trained by Sister Montgomery who is one of the youngest sisters I have ever called as a trainer – and for very good reasons.. She is simply one of our best missionaries and will be a great help to Sister Hadden in getting a great start with the Korean culture and language. Sister Hadden’s first assignment is in the Yeonsan and Sujeong Wards here in Busan (sisters often serve in multiple areas). Both of these are large, active wards in the Busan Stake and Sujeong serves as the Stake Center. Four Sisters live together in that apartment although they are assigned to different Districts. It is an excellent environment for a new Sister Missionary..

Attached is a picture of Sister Jennings and I with Sister Hadden and Sister Montgomery, and one of their group taken upon arrival at the airport. We will also be sending some other photos to you by regular mail.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kenneth W. Jennings, Jr.
Korea Busan Mission

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  1. I just finished reading all of your history - I just love you, RoseE. Avram wanted me to tell you that he also read Jesus the Christ voraciously on his mission because it was the only thing approaching literature that he could read.