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Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 February 2009

RoseE writes:

"Dear Family,

I hope you get this soon, or the enclosed Valentines won't be any good  (they had boxes and boxes of them in the health clinic, up for grabs, so I got a whole sheet of Star Wars ones for my district and these for you.  I don't know how appropriate it is for sisters to give Elders valentines, but none of them actually say "Will you be my Valentine?" so I guess it's all right.)*.

Anyway, I hope you had fun in Europe!  I can't wait to hear all about it.  Not much happened while you were gone--I worked hard, listened to some good speakers (none with a name worth dropping, though--mostly missionary department leadership), spoke in only Korean for an entire day and hit Elder Conley on the head with a hymnal.  I am NOT sick, but Elder Gygi is pale and shaky with 'flu so we are praying for him while warding him off with garlic and crosses.

Our senior and Korean sisters are leaving early next week, and we have heard tell that our incoming missionaries will be few in number, so we five sisters may be the only Korean sisters in the MTC for the rest of our stay.  Freaky.  Sister Bergeson next door is our new coordinating sister, thus answering the prayers of we three who have quite enough responsibility to be getting on with, thank you very much.

Try putting peanut butter cookies in the microwave for 15 sec--Sister Linford tried it and it's really good.  Try leaving a peanut butter cookie in the microwave for 60 seconds--I tried it and it caught on fire.**



*  The idea is to NOT have missionaries fall in love while they are on their mission, as it shortens the mission, diverts their minds from what they are supposed to be doing,  and tends to have deleterious effects on the teaching and learning.  Much effort is made to keep this from happening, including always having your companion with you, no hugs, etc.  Valentines might be frowned upon in this light.

** This would not be the first microwave RoseE has destroyed by fire.  She put a whole raw egg in one, and blew up both the egg and the microwave.  We now have a shiny new microwave.

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